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Walking into the world

11 June 2015

Trying to step inside the world in Albania's Accursed Mountains. Published in Elsewhere

Six Deserts

27 January 2015

The six deserts of my life. Published in Dark Mountain

Everest: from mythical peak to the world's highest garbage dump

4 June 2013 Kathmandu, Nepal, Himalayas, Everest

Sixty years after my great-uncle's expedition conquered Everest, perhaps it's time we changed our attitude to adventuring. Published in The Guardian.

Hungary's cultural purge gathers pace

10 October 2012 Budapest

How a right-wing, nationalist resurgence is undermining independent culture in the heart of Europe. Published in New Internationalist.

Dubai's labour trap

15 September 2011 Dubai's Labour Trap

While the oil-rich emirate’s economy is fast recovering from the global financial crisis, the plight of its indentured migrant workers has scarcely improved. Published in Political Insight.

Ethiopia's Endangered Democracy

25 December 2009 ethiopian barber shop

Ethiopia is courted by the west as an outpost of strength and democracy in a chronically unstable region. But Meles Zenawi’s government stands accused of crushing dissent, imprisoning its opponents and stifling the free press. Published in New Internationalist.

In the Lap of the Gods

29 November 2009

A journey to the cave of a melting god: Amarnath's sacred Shiva-lingam. Published in The Guardian Travel.

Melting Mountains

20 October 2009 kolahoi glacier

What does climate change mean for a region already ravaged by conflict? Published in World Conservation

A Failure of Vision

25 July 2009 ffos-y-fran

The real meaning of the Ffos-y-Fran Land Reclamation Scheme. Published in Natur Cymru

Sámi Struggle and the Global Extinction Crisis

7 April 2009 lake inari

How language loss in Europe's icy northern fringe reflects the biocultural extinction crisis taking place across the world. Published in Search


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