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Last Sight of a Melting Glacier

26 November 2008 distant kolahoi

An expedition to the Kolahoi glacier in the Himalayan mountains of Indian Kashmir. Published in The Contemporary Review

How Green Was My Valley?

23 October 2008 kashmir valley

Climate change will only intensify problems in Kashmir. Published in The Economist

Melting Gods

1 July 2008 kolahoi mountain

From the earliest times, people have equated gods with mountains. But if we continue to allow the ‘abode of the gods’ to be exploited, we will do ourselves irreparable damage as a species. Published in Resurgence

Drink to the Dead

8 December 2004 todos santos

The drunken horse races of Todos Santos Cuchamatan, Guatemala. Published in Pology

A Visit to Maximon

1 December 2004 simon

An encounter with a Guatemalan folk-god on the shores of Lake Atitlan. Published in EntreMundos


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