A selection of my non-fiction from over the years, including published articles from travels in Europe, the Arctic, Ethiopia, India, Guatemala, Mexico and elsewhere.

The Wind that Brought the Moors to Spain

22 July 2018

A portrait of the Levanter wind that blows through the Strait of Gibraltar between Spain and Morocco. Published in Corriere della Sera.

Learning Winter

14 June 2018

Adapting to life as a stranger in the Lake District. Published on Caught By the River

Chasing London's Cloud of Feral Parakeets

14 June 2018

Gonzo ornithologists on the trail of London's green parakeets. Published on Narratively

Fracking Transylvania

24 January 2014 willy

The story of one farmer's battle against the shale gas industry

Unconquerable Man

6 June 2013 Everest climbers 2012

The language of exploration is often the language of conquest and war, but our species has been too successful in imposing our will on the world. Where do find our sense of adventure in an age of limits?

Everest: from mythical peak to the world's highest garbage dump

4 June 2013 Kathmandu, Nepal, Himalayas, Everest

Sixty years after my great-uncle's expedition conquered Everest, perhaps it's time we changed our attitude to adventuring. Published in The Guardian.

Hungary's cultural purge gathers pace

10 October 2012 Budapest

How a right-wing, nationalist resurgence is undermining independent culture in the heart of Europe. Published in New Internationalist.

Dubai's labour trap

15 September 2011 Dubai's Labour Trap

While the oil-rich emirate’s economy is fast recovering from the global financial crisis, the plight of its indentured migrant workers has scarcely improved. Published in Political Insight.

Searching for reality in Dubai

6 September 2010 Dubai

An attempt to get beyond the stereotypes in the world's most hyperbolic city

Ethiopia's Endangered Democracy

25 December 2009 ethiopian barber shop

Ethiopia is courted by the west as an outpost of strength and democracy in a chronically unstable region. But Meles Zenawi’s government stands accused of crushing dissent, imprisoning its opponents and stifling the free press. Published in New Internationalist.


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