Spoken word and audio art

Experiments with narratives in sound

Songs of Somnus

14 December 2015

This is a live recording of a recent storytelling I did at the Russet in Hackney -- a new version of a Greek myth, with accompaniment from the incredible Owl Parliament choir. Thanks to Caroline Williams and Ellie Rose Rusbridge.

Flyways: gonzo ornithologists on the trail of London's green parakeets

7 July 2015

New experimental audio-visual project in collaboration with photographer Tim Mitchell. We hope the title says it all.

Watch/ listen to Episode 1 on the FLYWAYS website.

Up Down and Across audio excerpts

12 May 2013 Nick Hunt speaking to a crowd

Here are a few audio snippets from the talk I gave at Up Down and Across, alongside photographer Tim Mitchell, walker David Lintern, artist Foster Spragge and folk singer Ingrid Plum.

My talk was a rambling exploration of Europe's invisible pathways, its not-so-invisible motorways, ancient borders, modern-day myths and the multiple layers of story that lie beneath every walker's boots.


29 May 2011 Dice

A short audio documentary compressing a three-hour fantasy board game into ten thrilling minutes. Warning: contains monsters. Second warning: extremely geeky.


21 September 2010 Herbie and Ron

An audio portrait of my granddad Herbie. (Seen here with my dad, Ron.)

Loss Soup

14 September 2010 Soup

A spoken word track based on this story. Warning: contains nauseating sound effects.

Notes on Stockholm / Devils

14 September 2010 Stockholm river

A short and melancholy spoken word piece based on this story

The song 'Devils' is written and performed by Chris Rusbridge of Apple of My Eye

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