Fragments from the Road

Sketches from faraway travels

Walking into the world

11 June 2015

Trying to step inside the world in Albania's Accursed Mountains

Six Deserts

27 January 2015

The six deserts of my life

Dark Peak

2 July 2014

Notes on learning to walk again: two days on Kinder Scout

Gentle Wolf

10 April 2011 gentle wolf

Sketches from Estonia


4 April 2010 ethiopia

Sketches from Ethiopia

The Golden Lights

1 April 2010 golden lights

Sketches from India

Notes on Stockholm

25 February 2010 stockholm

From the observations of Nikolai Oksotavich

Directions to a Feast

24 August 2009

The slaughter of the bulls in Ethiopia

Advice for Madrid

1 August 2008 Madrid

Observations from my first two days in a city I later grew to love

The Exact Same Sensation As This

5 January 2005 atitlan

Reflections from the lake of lost souls


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