Short stories

A selection of my short stories about lost species, ancient ancestors, supermarket visionaries, pirates, beasts and Neanderthals. Many of these first appeared in issues of Dark Mountain.

Leaving the Fold

3 November 2018

A story about a future city

The Last of Many Breeds

6 October 2016

A story about the thylacine extinction

Jelly What

8 March 2015

A story about repetition

Green Bang

26 January 2015

A story about the financialisation of nature

Uncanny Valley

27 September 2012

A story about the ones who came before us

Life on the Planets

21 November 2010

A story about life and death in space

The Horse Latitudes

29 March 2010

A story about plastic seas

My Wife Designs Beasts

25 February 2010

A story about beasts

The Seventh Fragment

2 November 2009

A story about archeology


2 November 2009

A story about a supermarket visionary


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