Short stories

A selection of my short stories about lost species, ancient ancestors, supermarket visionaries, pirates, beasts and Neanderthals. Many of these first appeared in issues of Dark Mountain.

The Last of Many Breeds

6 October 2016

A story about the thylacine extinction

Jelly What

8 March 2015

A story about repetition

Green Bang

26 January 2015

A story about the financialisation of nature

Uncanny Valley

27 September 2012

A story about the ones who came before us

Life on the Planets

21 November 2010

A story about life and death in space

The Horse Latitudes

29 March 2010

A story about plastic seas

My Wife Designs Beasts

25 February 2010

A story about beasts

The Seventh Fragment

2 November 2009

A story about archeology


2 November 2009

A story about a supermarket visionary

The Thoughtupine

30 March 2009

A story for worried children


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