Short stories

Recent and not-so-recent fictions


2 November 2009 fungs

A story about a supermarket

The Thoughtupine

30 March 2009 thoughtupine

A story for worried children

Death to Picards!

1 March 2009 picards

A story about knights and castles

Loss Soup

22 January 2009 soup

A story about disappearing things

The Terrorcyclist

27 November 2008

A story about sex and cycling

No Cow

21 May 2008

A story about love

To the Bone

27 April 2008

A story about a monster

Famous Zoologist

13 February 2008 zoologist

A story about animal sex

The Golden Age

27 January 2008

A story about pirates


27 May 2007 4862

A story about riot police


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