Short stories

A selection of my short stories about lost species, ancient ancestors, supermarket visionaries, pirates, beasts and Neanderthals. Many of these first appeared in issues of Dark Mountain.

The Thoughtupine

30 March 2009

A story for worried children

Death to Picards!

1 March 2009

A story about knights and castles

Loss Soup

22 January 2009

A story about disappearing things

The Terrorcyclist

27 November 2008

A story about sex and cycling

No Cow

21 May 2008

A story about love

To the Bone

27 April 2008

A story about a monster

Famous Zoologist

13 February 2008

A story about animal sex

The Golden Age

27 January 2008

A story about pirates


27 May 2007

A story about riot police

And All Is Well

27 November 2006

A story about foreigners


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