'Exuberant, exhilarating' - review in the Telegraph

Michael Kerr has given Where the Wild Winds Are a five-star review in the Telegraph. A few choice words:

'When the Helm howls, sensible folk run for cover. This north-easterly, which blows down Cross Fell in the Pennines, can knock walkers off their feet, hurl sheep around like pieces of wool and destroy stone barns. Nick Hunt, fortunately, is not among the sensible folk. If he were, we wouldn't have this exuberant, invigorating blast of a book...'

'Is he mad? Just a bit. Though he's an experienced walker, who for his first book, Walking the Woods and the Water, retraced what Patrick Leigh Fermor called his "great trudge" of the Thirties from the Hook of Holland to the Golden Horn, Hunt admits here a couple of times to striding out without food and with too little water. Excitement got the better of him. Of me, too. I couldn't wait for him to be swept off his feet.'

'With his debut, even while walking in Leigh Fermor's shadow, Hunt was shortlisted for the Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year award. This time, he might blow the judges away.'

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